Poldark has become one the of BBC's most famous and popular period dramas of all time. First released back in 1975 the series ran for 29 episodes until 1977 and was 2 series. (the tv series departed somewhat from the novels)

Even though the costumes were amazing this had become expected from the BBC, and what made Poldark so popular was its exterior shots, and cast. The first episode, opening to Ross Poldark's ride across the Cornish landscape on his return from the American War of Independence, was seen by an audience of 5 million (at the time amazing figures). As the series continued this figure rose to an average of 15 million viewers. The two BBC Poldark series have been sold to over forty countries and even today is one of the most popular. The tv series is not so focused on the story's of Ross and Demelza, and there are far more new characters, and their individual stories than in the novels.

The Locations.

Series and UK Region 2 DVD Releases.

Poldark DVDs

Image copyright ClassicMovieStore. Both series are available in the UK on region 2 dvd from Universals Playback label. ClassicMovieStore (thanks for the images) sell the whole complete Poldark DVD collection here for 39.93 GBP, and if you call them can sell any of the individual series sets. The 2 tv series have been split into 4 box sets and are as follows, Series 1 Part 1, Series 2 Part 2, Series 2 Part 1, Series 2 Part 2.


Ross Poldark - Robin Ellis
George Warleggan - Ralph Bates
Jud - Paul Curran
Mark Daniel - Martin Fisk

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