Open All Hours

Open All Hours is a true comedy classic. Starring Ronnie Barker & David Jason, created by Roy Clarke. Open All Hours is a BBC situation comedy from the 70's & 80's set in a Yorkshire corner shop. The series was voted 8th for Best British Sitcom in 2004.

Ronnie Barker starred as the stammering scrooge-like shop-keeper - Albert Arkwright known as 'Arkwright', who in between counting his money, bullied his day-dreaming assistant / nephew Gr-Gr-ranville (errand boy), played by David Jason.

Arkwright ( Ronnie Barker) devotes his energy lusting after big-bosomed, morris minor driving nurse, Gladys Emmanuel (Lynda Baron), his long-standing fiancee. He desperately tries with little success to convince Gladys to make good on her promise to marry him or at least sleep with him. But Gladys is kept busy with her rounds & caring for her elderly mother.

Open All Hours generally focuses on plans by Arkwright to wed Gladys, save money or sell more stuff to the locals & end with Arkwright shutting up shop for the night with his reflection on the day.

Other regulars included: the milk woman (Barbara Flynn) who Granville had the hots for; Mavis (Maggie Ollerenshaw) a young woman who could not make her mind up what to buy; Mrs Blewett (Kathy Staff) with a critical word for everyone; & Mrs Featherstone (Stephanie Cole) the black widow, a sour-faced miser who admired Arkwright.

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