My Family.

My Family is a domestic sitcom following the fortunes of the Harper family, who on the face of it seem quite normal - A married couple with 3 children, but they are far from being normal.

Ben Harper.

Ben (Robert Lindsay) is a dentist who wishes he'd become a doctor. Ben desperately tries to understand his wife & children with little success. Ben can't wait for his children to leave home, but much to Ben disappointment, this never seems to happen!

Susan Harper.

Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) is a tour guide in a museum, who's second failed passion is cooking. Susan is abit of a control freak & knows how to get what she wants, even if Ben doesn't want it! Emotional blackmail is one of Susan's strong points.

Nick Harper.

Nick (Kris Marshall) is the joker of the family. Determined to get a job & keep it for more than a few hours. His had several jobs but is unsuccessful in keeping them. Despite being unsuccessful, remains focused & determined & seems happy with his lack of success, much to his fathers disappointment! Eventually, Nick moves out & find his own flat (although still spends alot of time at home continually sponging off his father!)

Janey Harper.

Janey (Daniela Denby-Ashe) is a typical teenage girl who has a selfish streak as big as her shopping list & like her mother Susan, she likes to get her own way! Janey made her parents Ben & Susan grandparents after a one-night stand she had at University, which led to the birth of her son 'Kenzo'.

Michael Harper.

Michael (Gabriel Thomson) is the most intelligent one in the family. He has an interest in military matters. Michael thinks of his family as oppression, permanently scaring him psychologically with their mad behaviour, which he blames for his lack of success with women.


Abi (Siobhan Hayes) is the daughter of one of Ben's cousins. She gormless & accident prone. Abi never seems to do anything right, which she is totally oblivious of most of the time.


Roger (Keiron Self) works in the dentist above Ben's. Like Roger's love interest Abi, Roger is not very bright & quite irritating with it. Roger & Abi make the perfect couple.

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