Minder is a popular british sitcom starring Dennis Waterman & George Cole who play the main characters. The TV series Minder started in October 1979 to March 1994.

Minder is about the London criminal underworld.

Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) is a genuine, likable bodyguard. Terry is an ex-boxer who has spent time in prison. Two years for GBH & three years attempted armed robbery. He drives a white ford capri who he purchased from wheeler-dealer con-man Arthur Daley, which is how they first met.

Despite Terrys commited crimes & time spent in prison, he is always honest & loyal to Arthur.

Arthur Daley (George Cole) is a mature minor con-man into dodgy deals & smoking expensive cigars. Arthur thinks of himself as abit of an "entrepreneur" dressed in tailored suits & a cashmere coat & drives a Jaguar. But his cockney, working class accent gives him away.

Arthur constantly tests Terrys patience with his dishonest money making schemes. "Nice little earners" as he likes to call them.

Series and UK Region 2 DVD Releases.

The complete box set has just be released earlier this year and is now available for about GBP100 for a 33 dvd set. We recommend ClassicMovieStore who sell the box set here. It really is such a classic tv cop show series its worth having.

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