May to December

May To December is a british sitcom written by Paul Mendelson. It ran for 39 episodes from 2 April 1989 to 27 May 1994 on BBC1.

Middle-aged man meets young school teacher and they fall in love, much to the dismay of both their families.

Semple, Callender and Henty, a firm of solicitors in the Middlesex suburb of Pinner.

Alec Callender is a pleasant, 53 year old, Scottish widower, who has 2 passions - musicals and Perry Mason.

One of Alec's new clients is a Mrs Zoe Angell, attractive, 26 year old, PE teacher at Eldon High School, who is seeking a divorce to end her 8 year marriage, to which her husband had an affair.

Zoe also has an interest in musicals, this mutual interest draws Alec and Zoe together.

Alec and Zoe are the lead characters. There are two groups of characters, the colleagues and family of each of Alec and Zoe, who rarely mix.

In the first group, the highest profile is given to Miles Henty, Alec's partner. (Mr Semple died some years ago). Mr Henty is a colourful character, a middle-aged man with more than a passing interest in the opposite sex and resulting bumpy relationship with his wife, a sculptress called Annabel.

Also working at Semple, Callender and Henty are the firm's secretaries, Vera and Hilary. Vera has worked for Alec's for 23 years, she is always reliable and sensible. Vera is a spinster watching life pass her by.

Hilary is attractive, blonde, well-meaning and not particularly bright.

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