Last Of The Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine is the longest running tv sitcom in history, next year going into its 31st series (2010). First aired in 1973 the show has become legendary world wide. Written again by Roy Clarke (famous for numerous great comedy shows). It has been shown around the world in over 25 countries and is loved and awarded for its family friendly humour.

Last of the Summer Wine is filmed in the beautiful county of west yorkshire in the UK. The comedy centers around 3 elderly retired gentlemen, who either widowed, divorced, retired etc, are all free and single to go out and get in daily trouble! The 3 pull of various stunts and hair brain ideas, making the show a great comedy for all the family. Over the years the actors have at least changed a few times, and some people complain that the newer series aren't up to the same quality of the older ones, but it still pulls in super viewing figures for the BBC.


Norman Clegg - Peter Salis - Originally the number one character.
Compo Simmonite - Bill Owen
Cyril Blamire - Michael Bates
Nora Batty - Kathy Staff

DVD Releases

Universal Playback in the UK have started releasing boxed sets of the Last of the Summer Wine series, each set containing 2 series. So far they have released upto series 16, releasing a new box every year it seems. The whole Last of the Summer Wine DVD set so far can be bought here from ClassicMovieStore in the UK.

Uk DVD releases

Other notes

Another spin off show in 1988 also by Roy Clarke called First of The Summer Wine. This show followed the same characters before the Second World War, and was more of a period show, using period music etc. There was also as always it seems with these shows a stage show.


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