Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping up appearances is a british sitcom starring Patricia Routledge.

Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge) is a suburban snob, who insists her name is pronounced "Bouquet". She is obsessed with perfection & etiquette whos aim in life is to impress friends, neighbours & important people (especially upper classes)

Her poor long-suffering hen-pecked husband Richard just tends to keep his head down, & does his best to put up with her demands. He acts as her chauffeur most of the time.

Hyacinth is known for visiting stately homes & hosting her 'executive' candle-light dinners with her best Royal Doulton china.

Hyacinth is the eldest of four. She has three sisters Violet, Daisy & Rose.

She always dreads & cringes at the thought of being seen with her tattooed brother-in-law Onslow & sister Daisy who live in a shabby council house.

Series and UK Region 2 DVD Releases.

Keeping Up Appearances DVDs

Image copyright ClassicMovieStore. The complete Keeping Up Appearances box set is available, with the christmas specials as shown above for around the GBP 40 mark.

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