Hi de Hi.

Hi-De-Hi is a British sitcom written by Jimmy Perry & David Croft, aired on BBC1 from 1980 to 1988.

Based on Perry's experience working as a Butlin's redcoat following the war, it was set at the fictional Maplin's holiday camp in 1959.


TED BOVIS played by Paul Shane.

Ted Bovis holds the position of Camp Host at Maplin's. He host the competitions, acting as compere for the shows & performing his own vulgar stand-up routine.

GLADYS PUGH played by Ruth Madoc.

Glady's dulcet welsh tones are often heard filtering through the loudspeaker of Radio Maplin as she makes campers aware of shows & competitions.

PEGGY OLLERENSHAW played by Su Pollard.

Peggy is a humble chalet maid with a BIG personality! Peggy's dream is to one day become a yellowcoat. She desperately tries to get her talents recognised but suffers her fair share of knocks.

SPIKE DIXON played by Jeffrey Holland.

Spike was the new Camp Comic, whom Ted took under his wing to teach him everything he knew about comedy. Spike is eager to learn & prepared to wear the most rediculous costumes to get a laugh from the campers.

JEFFREY FAIRBROTHER played by Simon Cadell.

Jeffrey is a professor of archaeology at Cambridge University, when he decides he is going nowhere & wants to enter a proper working environment & meet real people. Jeffrey becomes the new Entertainments' Manager at the start of Maplin's season.

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