Father Ted

Father Ted is a situation comedy tv programme written by two Irish writers Arther Matthews & Graham Linehan. Father Ted was first aired on Channel 4 between 22 April and 1 May 1998, by Hat Trick Productions.

The show depicts the lives of three irish catholic priests on the remote fictional 'Craggy Island' off the west coast of Ireland.

Father Ted - Played by Dermot Morgan.

Ted is the central character in the show. He's been banished to the island by Bishop Brennan over financial irregularities although Ted always upholds that "The money was just resting in my account"

Father Dougal McGuire - Played by Ardal O'Hanlon.

Dougal is the thick one. He loves Byker Grove and Buckeroo!

Father Jack Hackett - Played by Frank Kelly.

If anythings toxic 7 in liquid form, Jack will drink it! Jack is abit of an alcoholic, he is also very dangerous in a violent way if disturbed by anyone at anytime.

Mrs Doyle - Played by Pauline McLynn.

Mrs Doyle is the more mysterious character. We never find out her first name and her marital status is kept a mystery. She loves making gallons of tea, cakes and sandwiches.

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