Ever Decreasing Circles

Ever Decreasing Circles is a British comedy written by John Esmonde and Bob Larby, There were four series made from 1984 to 1989.

Martin Bryce (Richard Briers) employee in middle management at Mole Valley, driver of Dormobile and all-round interfering know-it-all. Martin is a good-natured man who has the welfare of his little suburban community at heart.

Unfortunately for some, Martin's mission in life seems to be to organise everything and everyone around him, which involves setting up commitees, drawing up rotas and chairing endless meetings.

He drives his long suffering wife Ann (Penelope Wilton) to distraction in the process.

Martin feels threatened by new next door neighbour - handsome, successful businessman Paul Ryman (Peter Egan). Paul is everything Martin's not - witty, suave and charming, and he seems to sail through life with little effort.

There is an obvious attraction between Ann and Paul but never goes beyond mild flirtation.

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