The Duchess of Duke Street.

The Duchess of Duke Street is a famous BBC period drama set in the early 1900's. Written by John Hawkesworth (of Upstairs Downstairs fame) the series starred Gemma Jones as Louisa Trotter the duchess who works her way up to the top after starting as a cook. The series ran for 2 series 31 episodes, shown on tv in 1976 and 1977.

Louisa Leyton has a driving ambition as a young lady to become the best cook she can. She gets a job working for Lord Henry Norton in the Kitchens, and one night when she is left alone to prepare the food catches the eye of the then Prince of Wales. They begin a secret affair. She marries Lord Henry's head butler, against her own wishes to maintain respect and cover for her affair with the prince. The story and series continue like this with various story lines and plots.


Louisa Trotter - Gemma Jones
Lord Henry Norton - Bryan Coleman
Charles Tyrrell - Christopher Cazenove

DVD releases:

Universal Playback has released the series in the UK (on region 2) in 4 dvd sets.

The Duchess of Duke Street DVDs

The complete Duchess of Duke Street dvd set can be bought here from classicmoviestore in the uk.

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