Benidorm is a popular british comedy series, written by Derren Litten (Co-writer of The Catherine Tate Show).

Benidorm is an awrd-winning series and was nominated a BAFTA award in 2008.

Benidorm exploits the typical working-class Brits abroad in a popular all-inclusive tourist resort of Solana in Benidorm.


The Garvey Family: Happy Lancashire couple Janice and Mick and Kids, Chantelle whos six months pregnant and Janice and Micks mother the chain smoking, sun-worshipper, Madge. (Looks like shes been tango-ed)
Geoff 'The Oracle Maltby':
Geoff is also from Lancashire, 36, on holiday with his mother, who he referrs to as his PA.
Donald and Jacqueline:
Donald and Jacqeline are regulars to Benidorm - middle-aged swingers!
Gavin and Troy:
Gavin and Troy are a gay couple on holiday after successfully set up a hair salon together.
Kate and Martin:
On holiday in an attempt to save their marriage.

Benidorm is filmed at Hotel Sol Pelicanos-Ocas in Benidorm. The Neptune Bar where all the caberet scenes are shown are taken at Morgan's Tavern, across the road from the hotel.

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