Babylon 5

This award-winning series began in 1994 and ran for five full seasons gathering more accolades with each season. The story centers around a space station called Babylon 5 which is the center for all politics, diplomacy and conflict in the distant future. Known for its novelized episodes and interwoven plot lines, the series gained popularity for its writing as well as its use of special effects and makeup. Babylon 5 is unique in that it did not rely on certain staples of the Sci-Fi genre of the time (no kids as main characters or plucky robots) and it dealt with real aspects of the human (and alien) condition. I bought my set in the UK from ClassicMovieStore here.


Bruce Boxleitner
Claudia Christian
Jerry Doyle
Mira Furlan
Richard Biggs
Andrea Thompson
Peter Jurasik
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