Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Auf Wiedersehen Pet is a comedy starring Jimmy Nail (spender fame). The series was shown on ITV in 1983 and 1986, and later on the BBC with Christmas specials.

The story of Auf Wiedersehen pet is based around 7 construction workers who travel about the world trying to find work. They start off working in Germany. The first series sees the lads off to Germany to find work, and saying good bye (Auf Wiedersehen in German) and Pet (northern slang for an endearment). They are promised accomodation in a hotel by soon find themselves living in a small hut, which they think is like a POW camp. The series is based around the tales and stories of their lives from then on really. The show ran for 4 series and Christmas Specials.

The Cast:

Dennis Patterson (Tim Healy)
Neville Hope (Kevin Whately)
Leonard Oz Osborne (Jimmy Nail)
Barry Spencer Taylor (Timothy Spall)
Wayne Winston Norris (Gary Holton)
Albert Arthur Moxey (Christopher Fairbank)
Brain Bomber Busbridge (Pat Roach)
Wyman Norris (Noel Clarke)

DVD Releases:

The 4 series and specials are released in the UK but not yet in one complete box set. The closed thing to a Auf Wiedersehen Pet box set is this collection.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet DVDs

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