Allo Allo

Lissen very carefully I shall say zis only once!

Interesting Fact: Allo Allo was series 2 in the writer David Croft's second world war triology of series, the first one being Dad's Army and the second one It Ain't Half Hot Mum - bet you never knew that!

Allo Allo was one of the all time great British sitcoms to come from the BBC in the 80's. It started in 1982 and ran till 1992, ending after 85 episodes (full episdoe guide here). Based in France in the Second World War, the series follows the exploits of Rene Artois, a cafe owner in a small German occupied town. The story follows a variety of funny plots, ranging from Rene's affairs with his waitresses, and him trying to keep them from his wife, to Rene helping out 2 rather helpless British airmen who he is hiding. . The Germans have stolen all of the towns valuable artifacts and there is much infighting and funny cover ups as people try to steal them for themselves. This is just to mention a few of the funny plots! There are many more. Most episodes build on the previous episodes, so to help out alot of the time Rene starts the show by giving a resume of what has happened previously.

The Cast

Rene Francois Artois Gorden Kaye
Edith Melba Artois Carmen Silvera
Madame Fanny La Fan Rose Hill
Yvette Carte-Blanche Vicki Michelle
Maria Recamier Francesca Gonshaw
Mimi Labonq Sue Hodge
Michelle "of the Resistance" Dubois Kirsten Cooke
Monsieur Roger LeClerc Jack Haig

Series and UK Region 2 DVD Releases.

Uk DVD releases

A total of 8 series were made comprising 85 episodes. All of these are available as individual box sets comprising of normaly 2 series per set at all decent UK retailers. Your amazon, play, hmv etc etc, although I personally prefer a new retailer called ClassicMovieStore just because they are UK based and not posting from the channel islands so they have always given me much faster delivery. I link to their site so you can see the box sets. They do a complete Allo Allo DVD set aswell if you want to save time and just buy the whole lot on Region 2 for the UK in one go. Or the individual sets are as follows:

Box Set 1: Allo Allo Series 1@2
Box Set 2: Allo Allo Series 3@4
Box Set 3: Allo Allo Series 5 Part 1
Box Set 4: Allo Allo Series 5 Part 2
Box Set 5: Allo Allo Series 6&7
Box Set 6: Allo Allo Series 8&9

Stage Show:

The fame of the tv series let to a stage show, that soon became very popular. Starring almost the same cast the show toured the world and also run in 3 theatres in London alone. The show ran from 86-92. After Gordon Kayes bad car accident he wanted to give up the show but was persuaded to continue. The stage show has led to many tribute amateur theatre productions.

Memorable quotes:

- Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once. (Michelle Dubois)
- I was pissing by the door, when I heard two shats. You are holding in your hand a smoking goon; you are clearly the guilty potty. (Officer Crabtree)
- Man of a thousand faces, every one the same.(Rene after seeing Leclerc's latest disguise)
- We will stick out like a carrot in an omelet. (Rene)
- It is I, Leclerc (Roger Leclerc as he lifts up his glasses)

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