All Creatures Great And Small

James Heriot's story of the country Vet practice. One of the all time vetinary themed classic tv series. If you take a love for animals in the UK combined with a love for subtle comedy, the best of the BBC costume and drama department and you have a hit like All Creatures Great and Small.

Interesting Fact: James Heriot was actually a pseudonym used by the author Alf Wright, who wrote the classic vet books of the era.

The series All Creatures Great and Small was intially written by Alf Wright for the first 3 series, which took the main characters upto the second world war. (and up to where he had taken the characters in his books). After this point the BBC persuaded him to let other writers continue the script, and so continued the series upto 7 series and many episodes and christmas specials. With alot of the actors changed due to other work etc, the new series was slightly different but still just as popular. The actual place in the UK where these were filmed became a shrine to the series, with other similiar series being filmed there (Heartbeat etc).

The likeable and popular Christopher Timothy was cast as Herriot, a new apprentice vet who joins the practice of Siegfried Farnon and his easygoing brother Tristan (Peter Davison, later went on to become Doctor Who and become an all time tv legend in the process). The series was initially set in the fictional Yorkshire Dales town of Darrowby, in the 1930's, and became popular due in part to the lifestyle that the vets had in the series.

The Locations.

Most of the show was recorded in North Yorkshire in the town called Askrigg, which doubled as the fictional town Darrowby. Most of the inside scenes were shot in the BBC studios in Birmingham.

Series and UK Region 2 DVD Releases.

All Creatures Great and Small DVDs

Image copyright ClassicMovieStore. All seven series and the christmas specials are available in the UK on region 2 dvd. ClassicMovieStore (thanks for the images) incidentally (shameless plug!) sell the whole complete All Creatures Great and Small DVD collection here for GBP 129.97, and if you call them can sell any of the individual series sets. With the size of the first 2 series these were split into two box sets each there is 10 boxsets in total as follows, Series 1 Part 1, Series 1 Part 2, Series 2 Part 1, Series 2 Part 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5,6,7 and finally a box set of the christmas specials.


James Herriot . Christopher Timothy
Siegfried Farnon . Robert Hardy
Tristan Farnon . Peter Davison (series 1-5, 7)
Helen Herriot . Carol Drinkwater (series 1-3 & specials) & Lynda Bellingham (series 4-7)
Calum Buchanan . John McGlynn (series 4-6)
Mrs Edna Hall . Mary Hignett (series 1-3)
Mrs Greenlaw . Judy Wilson (series 4-5)
Mrs Alton . Jean Heywood (series 7)
Mrs Pumphrey . Margaretta Scott
Hodgekin . Teddy Turner
Jimmy Herriot . Oliver Wilson (1985 special - series 5) Paul Lyon (series 7)
Rosie Herriot . Rebecca Smith (1985 special - series 5) Alison Lewis (series 7)

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